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Mistress Natalia Totally Immaculate

Mistress Natalia Totally Immaculate/Devine Swathed In Her Huge Stunning Designer Silver/Black Fox Fur Coat And Black Leather Gloves Teaching Her New Gorgeous Asian Girlfriend Jasmin Dressed In An Oversized Siberian Ultra Thick Silky Soft Platinum Fox Fur Coat The Fine Art Of What Furs Are Really For… Of Course Jasmin Is Only Too Happy To Endure The Ultimate Sublime Pleasures Of Her Mistress’s Silky Soft Fur Torture Under The Guidance Of Her Strikingly Beautiful DressageWatch Video »


Fetish Mistress And Her New Lesbian Fur Lover Neighbor…

Fetish Mistress Calmly Awaits Her New Neighbour’s Visit, She Has Seen Her Wearing Furs Out Doors And Has Anxiously Contacted Her To Come Round To Get To Know Her… Mistress Is In Her Fur Den Preening Herself And Is Already Swathed Head To Foot In Her Magnificent Huge Black Fox Furs, Her New Neighbour/Lover To Be Arrives And Introduces Herself As “Susan” Wearing A Golden Island Bolero Fox Fur Jacket, Black Pencil Skirt And SexyWatch Video »


The Very Beautiful Mistress Honour

WoW… The Very Beautiful Mistress Honour Dressed In Her Hugh/Oversized Stunning Silky Soft Thick Natural Red Artic Fox Fur Coat… Oh God Just Look At The Size/Width Of Those Delicious Horny Sleeves, Long Black Leather Boots And Fine Leather & Lace Gloves, White Contrasting Stockings And Suspenders… And Not Least Check Out Her Superb Silky Shinny Beautiful Long Hair…! Lounging On Her Soft Chinchilla Bed Cover Playing With Her Magnificent Breasts And Her Perfect TightWatch Video »


The Housekeeper and the Gardener

Mistress Is Away And Left Her Slutty House Keeper/Cleaner In Charge She Gets Ideas Above Her Station And Manages To Infiltrate Mistress’s Personal Bedroom Suite… Where She Dreams To Be Like Her Employer Dressing In Her Furs And Accessories’ The Gardener Is On The Premises And She Is Feeling Very Randy Wearing Huge Expensive Furs For The First Time In Her Life… She Just Can’t Help Herself And Invites Him To Join Her In TheWatch Video »


Girls Know What Girls Want

Stunning Mistress Victoria Takes The Lead… As Katie Gets A Good Fucking Doggy Style By Mistress India While She Is Sucking On Mistress Victoria’s Beautiful Breasts And Stroking Her Pussy With Fur… Three Fox’s Drowning In Luxurious Fox Fur Coats, Beautiful Long Silky Soft Hair, Silk Stockings, Lots Of High End Fox Fur Pussy Strokers For Open Wet Pussy Masturbation And Tight Little Bum Holes, Strap-On Dildo Action With Lots Of Red Lipstick, What’s BetterWatch Video »



Mistress Charlotte Stunning In Her Huge Black Silver Fox Coat Stockings And Thigh Length Leather Boots, Check Out How Her Beautiful Big Eyes Rolling As She More Than Pleases/Drowns Her Pussy And Of Course Her Beautiful Firm Breasts Shouting For Release Gently But Eagerly Her Love And Passion For Her Love Of Fur Spunking Her Beautiful Hot Wet Hairy Pussy Hard Into Her Expensive Silky Soft Fox Furred Heavenly Bliss….


Mistress Natalia Tease And Torment…

Mistress Natalia Looking Stunning Showing Off Her Beautiful Sexy Body To Perfection In Her Red Fox Fur And White Thigh High Boots Teaching Teela The Sublime Art Of How To Ride Silky Soft Fox Furs Cowboy Style, As Teela Stands By The Bed In A Huge Fox Fur Coat Excitedly Playing With Herself With Fur Enjoying Ever Sexy Moment As Mistress Natalia Spurs Her On With Her Dominant Words Ordering Her To Watch And WankWatch Video »


Mistress Chanel – A Stunningly Beautiful Brunette

Mistress Chanel A Stunningly Beautiful Brunette, A True Fur Goddess Drowning In Her Huge Silky Soft Golden Island Fox Fur Coat… OMG Just Look At The Size Of Those Delicious Sleeves Moving As She Gently Strokes Her Perfect Wet Kitty And Horny Clitoris To Heaven, Believe Me This Beautiful Lady IS IN LOVE With Furs!!! Pink And Red Silky Soft Fox Furs Stroking Her Delicious Wet Pussy And Perfect Breasts Finger Fucking Herself And PumpingWatch Video »


Sexy Mistress India Totally Drowning In Expensive Silky Soft Fox Furs

Exclusive To FetishMistress The Stunning/Sexy Mistress India Totally Drowning In Expensive Silky Soft Fox Furs What A Beautiful Sight To Behold… Teasing And Tormenting Stroking Her Beautiful Firm Young Breasts “Oh… Yes You Dirty Bastard I Know You Want To See Me Spunk All Over This Silky Beautiful Furs” Her Beautiful Perfect Pussy Already Wet And Gapping In Anticipation As She Gently Fingers Her Hard Erect Sensitive Clitoris With Her Tight Leather & Lace GlovedWatch Video »


Mistress Victoria Stunning In Her Huge Silver Fox Fur Coat, White Blouse And Black Leather Pencil Skirt

Mistress Victoria Stunning In Her Huge Silver Fox Fur Coat, White Blouse And Black Leather Pencil Skirt… “I’ve Just Been To The City Wearing This Coat” Stood Admiring Herself In The Mirror “I’ve Had So Many Compliments It’s Made Me So Horny” As She Hitches Up Her Tight Fitting Skirt To Reveal Her Black Fox Fur Panties (No Wonder She Is Horny) As She Strokes Her Pussy Over The Softness Before Delving Her Hand ExcitedlyWatch Video »