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OMG…! The Beautiful/Stunning Mistress Chanel A Very…! Special Lady!!! Lost In Her Brand New £££ Very Expensive Fur Coat Never Seen Before Exclusive Only To… (Mistress Chanel) Her Huge Silver/Black Fox Fur Coat, Silk Stockings And Suspenders Making Passionate Love To Herself, And God… Who Can Blame Her She Is Absolutely Gorgeous! Her New Fur Coat Is An Absolute Dream To Die For, The Length Of The Fur Is Totally Off The Planet Amazing! CheckWatch Video »



Mistress Natalia Fox Fur Goddess Drenched In Her Magnificent Black Fox Coat With A Huge Very/Very Oversized Red/Red Fox Fur Collar Taking Control Over Her Old Very Willing School Friend Jasmin Who Has Showed More Than An Interest In Mistress’s Huge Fur Collection, Just One Day Spent With Mistress Natalia And Jasmin Just Can’t Get Enough She Is Addicted… As Mistress Bends Her Over The Dresser And Orders Her To Apply Her Red Lipstick InWatch Video »


Three Beautiful Lesbian Fox’s Drenched In High End Super Soft Designer Fox Furs

OMG… What Can I Say? Three Beautiful Lesbian Fox’s Drenched In High End Super Soft Designer Fox Furs Having The Fur Orgy Of Their Lives… Sucking, Fucking, And Wanking In Their Glamorous Soft Furs, Long Hair Fox Furs Nylon Stockings And Pussy Spunk Flying Everywhere! Pay Particular Attention To Mistress Victoria Lovingly Stroking The Furs As She Reveals Her Hard Pink Strap-On Cock From Beneath Her Magnificent Fur Coat To Ride Mistress Kati Doggy StyleWatch Video »


Finally Jasmin Has Arrived At Mistress Natalia’s Fur Lair

Finally Jasmin Has Arrived At Mistress Natalia’s Fur Lair… And Oh… God isn’t She Delicious! Of Course Mistress Natalia Is Going To Take Full Advantage And Seduce Her With Her Furs… Well That’s Why She Invited Her! Trying On Furs Together, Stroking Furs Together, Wearing Furs Together, Hugging Each Other In Oversized Designer Expensive Fox Furs… Mistress Soon Has Her Fantasy Come True… Jasmin Can’t Resist The Advances Of All That Beautiful High End SoftWatch Video »


Mistress Brook And Jessica Bunny Rabbit Pink Fox Fur Fuck

Mistress Brook In A Fabulous Cristal Fox Fur Coat And Jessica Bunny Rabbit In Of Course Her Signature Bright Red Stunning Fox Fur Up Close And Very Intimate, Stroking, Petting And Pussy Furring It Seems Mistress Brook Just Can’t Get Enough Of Her Favourite Pink Fox Fur Masturbator As Jessica Lavishes It On Her Open Leg Wet Sensitive Pussy With All The Expertise Of A True Fur Fetish Mistress, Mistress Brook Crying Out In AnticipationWatch Video »


3 Sexy Foxy Lesbians In Fox Fur Coats

God Almighty… Wouldn’t You Just Love To Be In The Gorgeous Mistress Victoria’s Place Right Now, Buried In A Huge Shinny Full Length Soft Black Fox Fur Coat, Laid On A Super Soft Chinchilla Fur Blanket Relaxed And Totally Enjoying Fur Heaven In The Careful Hands of Mistress India and Mistress Nicolak’s… All That Silky Soft Fox Fur! And Getting All That Attention… Yummy Red Lipstick Kissed and Smeared On Your Nipples! Oh… My GodWatch Video »


Tied Teased and Tormented

Mistress has found out Her Sissy has been Stroking Her Fur’s Without Her Permission, Oh… God Help Him in His Torment! The Mistress Ties Her Sissy to the bed In a Full Female Open Crotch Body Stocking and A Huge Fox Fur Coat, and Torments Her Sissy’s Wanker’s Soul, Cock and Balls to Heaven and Hell and Back Again… His Spunk Is Totally Drained Right out of his Cock, Balls, Body and Soul until HisWatch Video »


Mistress Relaxing In Her Lounge In Her Beautiful Furs

Mistress Relaxing In Her Lounge In Her Beautiful Fur’s, Her Girlfriend Has Had To Go See Her Family, Mistress Is Missing Her And Getting Very Hot And Horny Thinking And Talking About Her And Wants Her Back Soon, Laid Back Totally Drowning In Her Fur’s Smelling The Double Sided Fur Bikini Panties She Wore When She Pussy Fucked Her, Fingering Her Totally Wet Pussy Pre-Cum With Her Leather/Fox Fur Gloves And Wiping It In ToWatch Video »


The New Maid Part 5b

Mistress Looks Magnificent Dressed in Golden Island Fox Fur And Big Black Strap-on Cock, Her New Maid/Lover In Black Fox Fur Bikini And Opera Length Leather And Fox Fur Gloves, And Long Leather Boots, She Bends Over The Dresser And Mistress Fucks Her From Behind While She Pleasures Her Own Clit With A Black Silky Soft Fox Fur Skin, Mistress Seats Herself In A Chair Totally Covered In Fur’s And Her Lover Rides The BlackWatch Video »


The New Maid Part 5a

Mistress Looking Regal Dressed Head To Toe in Her Luxurious Soft Silver Fox Fur’s, Her Maid/New Lover In Black Fox Fur Bikini and Opera Length Leather and Fox Fur Gloves and Long Leather Boots Along With Red Fox Fur Strap-on, Mistress Is Bent Over The Dresser Watching Her Lover Perform While She Is Also Pleasuring Herself With A Huge Soft Silky Fox Fur, Mistress Has A Shattering Furgasm While Watching Herself In The Mirror, ThenWatch Video »