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Mistress Victoria – Part 6

Mistress Victoria, Self Voyeurism… Seated in Front Of a Full Length Mirror In Black Stockings, Suspenders, Black Leather and Lace Gloves, Ultra High Heels and a Full Length Canadian Red Fox Fur Coat, Gently, Expertly Teasing And Tormenting Her Delicious Pussy With A Silky Soft Full Fox Fur Pelt, Beautifully Stroking Herself To Furgasm Heaven… But Her Pussy Still Needs More Attention And She Has Got The Hot’s On To Watch Herself Cum In HerWatch Video »


Mistress Returns – Part 2

Mistress Is back Enjoying Her New Toy, Dressed in Her Huge Black and Red Fox Fur Coat, Big Matching Red Russian Fox Fur Hat, Red Leather and Fox Fur Gloves, Black Stockings and Black Leather Boots, Wow What a Combination! Gently She Inserts the Cock Into Her Wet Pussy Pulls The Fox Coat Around Herself and Starts Her Journey Of Ecstasy, While Burying Herself Deep In Her Huge Fox Fur’s and Rubbing Her Clit WithWatch Video »


Mistress Victoria – Part 5

The Beautiful Mistress Victoria, Stood Naked in Just Black Stockings & Suspender and High Heels, Admiring Her Beautiful Body While Arranging Her Beautiful Mane of Long Soft Golden Hair, She makes Her Way to The Wardrobe and Takes Her Red Fox Fur Coat and Strokes and Caresses Her Beautiful Body With It While She Reminds Herself Of When She Was Young How She Used To Take Her Mothers Fur’s To Her Bedroom and Ride ThemWatch Video »


The Beautiful Fur Fetish Sisters Part 5

Living The Dream, Drowning In Huge Fox Fur Coats and Huge Fur Fun on the Bed, Gapping Pussy Vibrator and Soft Gentle Fur Wanking to Orgasm, Titties Drowning in Soft Fox Fur’s, Wide open Pussy Licking in Fur’s, Pussy wanking with Fur’s these Girls’ are Totally Insatiable! Wide Open Leg Duo Wanking with Beautiful Soft Fur’s to a Noisy Twin Furgasm while both Sisters are Totally Drowned in Silky Soft Fox Fur’s, open Red LipstickWatch Video »


Mistress Victoria – Part 4

Mistress Victoria, OMG Perfection In Fur’s Is The Only Way To Describe This Magnificent Beautiful Golden Island Fox Fur Clad Mistress… Seductively Stood Before Her Sex Machine Excitedly Contemplating Her Next Sexual Episode, Gently Stroking/Making Love to Herself With a Thick Soft Fox Fur Pelt, Her Long Thick Mane of Soft Golden Hair Cascading Over Her Fur Coat and Breasts, Tormenting Her Pussy While Stroking Her Fur Coat To Furgasm Heaven All The While FantasisingWatch Video »


Introducing Natasha – Part 4

Mistress Natasha Magnificent and Totally Buried in A Black and Red Fox Fur Coat and Red Leather and Fox Fur Gloves, While Enjoying the Delights of a Silky Soft Burgundy Fox Fur Pelt on Her Open Legged Shaven Pussy and Her Beautiful Big Bare Breasts, All the time Her Bare Feet are Bathing in Soft Silky Fox Fur, While She Is Expertly Stroking Her Open Pussy To Furgasm Heaven, Then on to some Open LegWatch Video »


The Beautiful Fur Fetish Sisters Part 4

The Fur Fetish Sisters, Both Dressed In All Black Silky Fox Fur’s in front of the Huge Mirror, Huge Black Fox Fur Coat, Fox Fur Bikini and Black Fox Fur and Leather Opera length Gloves They Look Devine! Vibrator and Soft Black Fox Fur Pussy and Titty play To Fantastic Orgasm’s, These Two Sisters Really Do Know How to Please Each other, Sexy Fox Fur and Leather Glove Pussy Wanking, then bent over and laidWatch Video »


Mistress Returns – Part 1

Mistress In Her New Huge Thick Cristal Fox Fur Coat Black Leather and Lace Gloves and Black Leather Boots, Sat On Her White Stool Talking About Her New Coat and Perfecting Her Make-up, She Is Now Turned On With Herself and Reaches For a Fur To Stroke Her Pussy, Did I Mention The White Stool, Mmmm… It’s No Wonder She Takes So Long With Her Make-up These Day’s as She Had That Stool Custom Made,Watch Video »


The Beautiful Fur Fetish Sisters Part 3

The Fur Fetish Sisters, Are Determined to get as Much Enjoyment from The Mistress’s Fur’s as possible, and OMG Do they Know How to Please Each other! Kissing and Caressing in Beautiful Soft Red and Black Fox Fur’s, Tight Leather Gloves, Vintage style Nylon Stockings and the aid of a Beautifully Crafted Glass Dildo and of course Lots of Soft Fox Fur Pussy Stroking to Furgasms, Tight Leather Glove Pussy play and Pussy Licking InWatch Video »

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The Beautiful Fur Fetish Sisters Part 2

These Beautiful “Lesbian Fur Fetish Sisters” just Can’t resist themselves Riding Mistress’s Gorgeous Big Fox Fur’s watching and Wanking each other with Silky Soft Fur’s, Open Mouth Kissing with Heavenly Red Lipsticked Mouths, Gapping Heavenly Open Pussies Cumming on Fox Fur’s, Furgasms, Titty Wanking each other with Soft Fox Fur’s to Beautiful Heavenly Noisy Furgasms, their appetite for cumming In and On Fur’s is Totally Extreme as they Watch each other Pleasuring themselves with theWatch Video »