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Stunning Mistress, Stunning Fox Furs, Stunning Makeup… Huge Thick Rock Hard Black Shinny Cock Satisfying Mistress Cara-Wolf’s Cravings for Big Cock And Hot Spunk In Her Stunning Silky Soft Shiny Black Fox Fur Outfit Doggy Style, Mistress Is Very Nonchalant At The Beginning As She Applies Her Beautiful Red/Red Lipstick While He Lifts Her Huge Heavy Black Fox Fur Coat From Behind To Gain Entry… Inch By Inch He Enters Her Gorgeous Hot Wet Pussy […] Watch Video »



Mistress Cara-Wolf And The Big Black Fur Predator Both Looking Magnificent Dressed In Silver Fox Furs, Big Black Cock And Balls Swathed And Tormented With Pure White Ultra Soft Fox Fur While She Licks And Torments His Big Cock With Her Mouth Before He Mounts Her Doggie Style And Delivers Her A Firm Shafting While Burying Himself Into Her Beautifully Fur Covered Body As She Excitedly Strokes Her Demanding Aching Clit To Orgasm Before Summoning […] Watch Video »



Mistress Natalia Truly Magnificent In Her Hugh Silky Soft Designer Black Fox Fur Coat, Strutting Her Stuff With Her Long Sleek Dressage Whip Held Firmly In Her Tight Gloved Hand (What A Sight) As She Points It In The Direction Of Her New Lesbian Conquest Teela Dressed In An Oversized Black/Silver Fox Fur Instructing, Demanding While Stroking Her Body With Her Whip Just How She Wants To See Her Cum Very Hard/Wank Her Open Wet […] Watch Video »


Mistress Victoria Long Slow Foxy Furgasms

Mistress Victoria Lounging On Her Fur Bed On Top Of A Huge Silky Soft Black Fox Fur Skin, Dressed In Her Beautiful Double Sided Black Fox Fur Bikini And Leather And Fox Fur Elbow Length Opera Gloves Showing Her Beautiful Body Off To Perfection, Gently Stroking Her Pussy Through Her Fox Fur Panties, But That’s Not Enough For Her… She Wants More Fur And Takes A Beautiful Soft Fox Pelt To Stroke Her Pussy With […] Watch Video »


Introducing Natasha – Part 4

Mistress Natasha Magnificent and Totally Buried in A Black and Red Fox Fur Coat and Red Leather and Fox Fur Gloves, While Enjoying the Delights of a Silky Soft Burgundy Fox Fur Pelt on Her Open Legged Shaven Pussy and Her Beautiful Big Bare Breasts, All the time Her Bare Feet are Bathing in Soft Silky Fox Fur, While She Is Expertly Stroking Her Open Pussy To Furgasm Heaven, Then on to some Open Leg […] Watch Video »


The New Maid/Lover Part 10

Mistress In Huge Black Shinny Soft Fox Fur’s, Her Lover In Matching Black Fox Fur Bikini, Wide Brimmed Fox Hat And Opera Length Leather/Fox Fur Gloves, Black Fox Fur Open Leg Fur Pleasuring, Long Shinny Silky Soft Hair Pussy Whipping, All the While Mistress Is Totally Buried in Her Soft Black Fox Fur’s Her Lover Teases And Torments Her (Orgasm Denial) Her Lover Is Now Rubbing Herself To Orgasm Through Her Fox Fur Panties While […] Watch Video »


The New Maid/Lover Part 9

Mistress And Her Lover On Leather Fur Covered Couch, Mistress Has Her Lover Dressed In Her Very Latest Creation A Full Length Grey Fox Fur Coat With Hugh Black Fox Collar And Cuffs (Magnificent) With Matching Wide Brimmed Black Fox Hat, It’s Now Her Lovers Turn To Bury Herself In Fur While Having Her Naked Pussy Tormented By Silky Soft Fox Fur, Mistress Exposes Her Erect Clitoris And Fur’s It While Her Lover Pulls The […] Watch Video »

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The New Maid/Lover Part 8

Mistress In Her Beautiful Silver Fox Fur’s Black Leather/Fox Fur Gloves And Her Lover Naked In Magnificent Red Fox Fur Coat And Red Leather/Fox Fur Gloves Relaxing In The Lounge, The relaxing Soon Turns To Teasing And Tormenting And Furring, Mistress Looks Totally Delicious Immersed/Buried In Her Huge Fox Coat Pulling The Collar Up Like A Giant Hood Around Her Face, Mistress Is So Turned On Her Pussy Is Leaking And Is Screaming For Her […] Watch Video »