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The New Maid/Lover Part 8

Mistress In Her Beautiful Silver Fox Fur’s Black Leather/Fox Fur Gloves And Her Lover Naked In Magnificent Red Fox Fur Coat And Red Leather/Fox Fur Gloves Relaxing In The Lounge, The relaxing Soon Turns To Teasing And Tormenting And Furring, Mistress Looks Totally Delicious Immersed/Buried In Her Huge Fox Coat Pulling The Collar Up Like A Giant Hood Around Her Face, Mistress Is So Turned On Her Pussy Is Leaking And Is Screaming For HerWatch Video »

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The Housesitter – Part 4

Dirty Sexy Louise in a Huge Magnificent Grey and Black Fox Fur coat Red Basque and matching stockings lounging on Golden Island Fox Fur, caressing/tormenting and Pussy wanking herself with the “Big Black Bastard” Fox Fur skin totally desperate to Cum all over it she finishes with a noisy Orgasm spreading her Spunk Deep in to its Silky Softness, Louise’s Pussy is insatiable and needs more and puts on the Black matching Tight Leather andWatch Video »

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The New Toy

The Mistress is Back at home, and just Look and Marvel at Her New Toy! And also Her New Fox Fur Coat! OMG… She Is Magnificent! She is in Splendour In Her New Huge Cristal Silky Soft Fox Fur Coat She Is Totally in Love with It! And Desperate to have an Orgasm Wearing It! Magnificently Riding Her New Fucking Machine and Pleasuring Herself with Silky Soft Fur’s to The Very Heights of Fur FetishWatch Video »


The New Maid/Lover Part 7

Mistress Dressed In Her Hugh Silver Fox Fur’s. Leather/Fox Fur Gloves, Her New Lover Dressed In Silky Soft Shinny Black Fox Fur’s, Leather/Fox Fur Gloves and Leather Boots, Lots Of Erotic Girl On Girl Close Up On Fox Fur Bed, Pussy Licking, Lipstick Coated Nipples, Long Silky Soft Hair Play, Double Fox Fur Ridding In Silver Fox Fur To Total Heavenly Furgasms, Then Pussy To Pussy Fox Fur Sandwich To Mutual Furgasms While Drowning InWatch Video »


The Fox Fur Bed

Mistress Looking Immaculate On Her Huge Fox Fur Bed, Black and Red Silky Soft Fox Fur’s, Long Silky Shinny Soft Hair, Long Red Nails, Leather Boots, Pleasuring Herself with Her Red Fox Fur Mitten Covered Vibrator to Total Noisy Furgasm, Then Pussy Teasing/Pleasuring With Her Ultra Soft Black Fox Fur Ball to Second Heavenly Furgasm, All the While Totally Immersed/Buried in Ultra Soft Luxurious Shinny Fox Fur’s.


Mistress Relaxing In Her Lounge In Her Beautiful Furs

Mistress Relaxing In Her Lounge In Her Beautiful Fur’s, Her Girlfriend Has Had To Go See Her Family, Mistress Is Missing Her And Getting Very Hot And Horny Thinking And Talking About Her And Wants Her Back Soon, Laid Back Totally Drowning In Her Fur’s Smelling The Double Sided Fur Bikini Panties She Wore When She Pussy Fucked Her, Fingering Her Totally Wet Pussy Pre-Cum With Her Leather/Fox Fur Gloves And Wiping It In ToWatch Video »


The New Maid Part 5b

Mistress Looks Magnificent Dressed in Golden Island Fox Fur And Big Black Strap-on Cock, Her New Maid/Lover In Black Fox Fur Bikini And Opera Length Leather And Fox Fur Gloves, And Long Leather Boots, She Bends Over The Dresser And Mistress Fucks Her From Behind While She Pleasures Her Own Clit With A Black Silky Soft Fox Fur Skin, Mistress Seats Herself In A Chair Totally Covered In Fur’s And Her Lover Rides The BlackWatch Video »


The New Maid Part 5a

Mistress Looking Regal Dressed Head To Toe in Her Luxurious Soft Silver Fox Fur’s, Her Maid/New Lover In Black Fox Fur Bikini and Opera Length Leather and Fox Fur Gloves and Long Leather Boots Along With Red Fox Fur Strap-on, Mistress Is Bent Over The Dresser Watching Her Lover Perform While She Is Also Pleasuring Herself With A Huge Soft Silky Fox Fur, Mistress Has A Shattering Furgasm While Watching Herself In The Mirror, ThenWatch Video »


The New Maid Part 2… Seriously Addicted to Mistress’s Furs

The New Maid Part 2… Seriously Addicted to Mistress’s Fur’s The New Maid Just Can’t Get Enough Of Them And Gets Bolder, Piling Them On The Bed And Double Fox Fur’s Her Naked Pussy To A Long Slow Furgasm While Dressed In A Huge Fox Fur Coat, Next Posing In Front Of The Mirror Trying Mistress’s Things She then Seats Herself on The Silver Fox Covered Chair And Watches Herself Furring In Front Of TheWatch Video »


Mistress POV, OMG…Just Watch The Fur Fly Tossing And Tumbling!

Mistress POV, OMG…Just Watch The Fur Fly Tossing And Tumbling! Totally Immaculate in Silver Fox’s, Sexy Lingerie, Long Silky Hair Over Huge Erect Nipples, Pleasuring Herself To Total Furgasm With Black Ultra Soft Fox Fur While Tormenting You! (Her Sissy Husband) More POV, Just Watch All That Fur Tossing As She Pleasures Herself to Furgasm Heaven Again.